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Ashley's Paws and Claws

Welcome to our Furry Family

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Your Paws are in Loving Hands

Hello, I'm Ashley. I specialize in at home nail trims and other caretaking services for the most particular of pets. I cater to pets that are geriatric, easily stressed, anxious, aggressive, have special needs, or just have unique personalities. Contact me today to see how I can help you and become a part of our furry family.

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"Did an amazing job with my Dobermans nails today! Nobody could get his nails cut because of a traumatic experience he had. Ashley got it done and without stressing him out at all! He even still loved her when it was done! Thank you so much! I highly recommend her!"

Reginia Edwards

"Ashley was on time and wonderful with my scared doggie. She came in and immediately gave her treats to make her feel more comfortable. She strategized with me to find the best way to trim my dogs nails while recognizing that my dog was quite anxious and scared. She was very patient and was able to get all 4 paws done in less than 20 mins. Very kind and helpful. Can tell she has a passion for animals. I fully recommend!"

Molly Mitchell Jelovich

"Highly recommend booking with Ashley! We have a mini dachshund with long hair so his paws are difficult for us to trim on our own. He can be very anxious & feisty, but Ashley is so calm, patient and professional. Looking forward to next time!"

Bailey Reed

"Ashley did wonderful with my two labs today, one with ptsd from a traumatic experience! She took the time to make friends and build trust as soon as she walked in the door. She explained everything she was going to do beforehand. We used the harness and she was even able to grind a few of his toenails. Her patience, compassion, and knowledge were very appreciated. We were able to come up with a plan to get my boys nails under control while working with my schedule. What a great experience! My boys and I look forward to continuing this journey with her, in our home!"

Jana Winslow

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